Black Theatre Resources

African-American Drama Company (San Fransisco)

African-American Shakespeare (San Fransisco)

African Globe TheatreWorks (Newark)

African Repertory Troupe  (Boston)

Afro Solo Theatre (San Fransisco)

Alliance Theatre Company (Atlanta, GA)

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (NY)

Arena Stage (Washington, DC)

Black Storytellers Alliance

Blackstreet USA Puppet Theatre (LA)

Black Repertory Theatre (North Carolina State)

Black Theatre Network

Californa Newsreel

Castillo Cultural Center Theater (New York, NY)

Crossroads Theatre Co. (New Brunswick, NJ)

Cultural Odyssey (San Francisco, CA)

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Detroit Repertory Theatre (Detroit, MI)

Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (Portland, OR)

Jubilee Theatre (Fort Worth, TX)

Junebug Productions, Inc. (New Orleans, LA)

LaMama Experimental Theatre (New York, NY)

Latino Chicago Theatre Company

National Black Theatre Festival

North Carolina
Black Repertory Company
(Winston-Salem, NC)

Opera Ebony (New York, NY)

Oui Be Negroes Chicago, IL

Penumbra Theatre Company (St. Paul, MN)

Plowshares Theatre Company (Detroit, MI)

Ujima Theatre  (Buffalo, NY)

Unity Theatre Ensemble (East St. Louis, MO)

Women of Color Women of Words