Black Theatre Companies - U.S.

Actors Ink Theatre Production Company (Indianapolis)
Adella Adella the Storyteller and Legacy (New Orleans)
African American Children's Theatre (Milwaukee, WI)
African American Drama Company (San Francisco, CA)
African Globe TheatreWorks (AGT) (Newark)
African Repertory Troupe, the Other ART (Boston)
African Continuum Theatre Co.(Washington, D.C.)
Afrikan American Studio Theatre Company (Detroit)
Afro-One Dance,
Drama and Drum Theatre (Willinboro, NJ)
Afro Solo Theatre & Performing Arts Company
Alarinjo: Theatre (Maywood, IL)
Ali Players (Kalamazoo, MI)
Alliance Theatre Company (Atlanta, GA)
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (NY)
AMAS Musical Theatre, Inc. (New York, NY)
The Apollo Theatre (New York, NY)
Arena Players (Baltimore, MD)
Arena Stage (Washington, DC)
Arts for Life (New Orleans, LA)
Arts on the Move (Pasadena, CA)
The Asili Repertory Theatre (Baltimore, MD)

BAMN -By Any Means Necessary Ensemble &
Youth Ensemble (Los Angeles, CA)

Bayview Repertory Theatre Co. (San Francisco)
B.G. Enterprise (New York, NY)
Billie Holiday Theatre (New York, NY)
Black Ensemble Theater-Uptown Center Hull House
The Black Enterprise Ensemble, Inc. (Albany, NY)
Black Experimental Theatre (New York, NY)
Black Liberated Arts Center, Inc. (OK)
Black Repertory Group, Inc. (Berkeley, CA)
Black Spectrum Theatre Company (Queens, NY)
Blackstreet USA Puppet Theatre (LA)
Black Theatre Troupe, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
Blues City Cultural Center (Memphis, TN)
BluesEnBop Theatre (New York, NY)
Bullins/Woodward Theatre (San Francisco, CA)

Caribbean American Rep (Rego park, NY)
Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. (Knoxville, TN)
Castillo Cultural Center Theater (New York, NY)
Center Stage (Omaha, NE)
Chakula Chua Jua Theatre Co. (New Orleans, LA)
Charles Moore Dance Theatre (Brooklyn, NY)
Chicago Theatre Company (Chicago, IL)
Christian Elite Ensemble (Los Angeles, CA)
Civic Black Theatre (Kalamazoo, MI)
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre (Denver, CO)
Creative Artists Striving Together (New Orleans, LA)
Crossroads National Education &
Art Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Crossroads Theatre Co. (New Brunswick, NJ)
Cultural Odyssey (San Francisco, CA)
Curtain Call Theatre Company (New Orleans, LA)

Dashiki Theatre (New Orleans, LA)
Dayton Contemporary Dance Co. (Dayton, OH)
Detroit Repertory Theatre (Detroit, MI)

Eden Theatrical Workshop, Inc. (Denver, CO)
Encore Theatre Company (Washington, DC)
Ensemble Theatre (Houston, TX)
Ensemble Theatre of Cleveland
The Essential Theatre (Washington, DC)
ETA Creative Arts Foundation (Chicago, IL)
Ethiopian Theatre (New Orleans, LA)
Eulipions, Inc. (Denver, CO)
Evelyn Graves Drama Productions (Philadelphia)
Everlasting Life Company (Bronx, NY)

Frank Silvera Writers' Workshop (NY)
Freedom Theatre - (Philadelphia, PA)

Gray & Gray Productions (Detroit, MI)
Growing Theatre, Inc. (New York, NY)

H.A.D.L.E.Y. Players (New York, NY)
Harmonie Park Playhouse (Detroit, MI)
Hittite Empire (Santa Monica, CA)
Hollywood Thespian Co. (Studio City, CA)

Inner City Cultural Center (Los Angeles, CA)
INNERACT Productions (New York, NY )
Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (Portland, OR)

Joan Miller's Dance Players (New York, NY)
Jomandi Productions (Atlanta, GA)
Jubilee Theatre (Fort Worth, TX)
Jump Start Performance Co. (San Antonio, TX)
Junebug Productions, Inc. (New Orleans, LA)
Just Us Theatre Company (Atlanta, GA)

Karamu House (Cleveland, OH)
Kuntu Repertory Theatre (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kuumba House Dance Theater (Houston, TX)

LaMama Experimental Theatre (New York, NY)
Latino Chicago Theatre Company
Legacy Company (Chicago, IL)
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre (San Francisco, CA)
Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

McCree Theatre (Flint, MI)
Mockingbird Productions (Memphis, TN)
Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Najwa Dance Corps (Chicago, IL)
National Black Theatre (New York, NY)
Negro Ensemble Company (New York, NY)
New Day Repertory  (Poughkeepsie, NY)
New Federal Theatre, Inc. (New York, NY)
New Horizon Theater (Pittsburgh, PA)
New Ivar Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)
New Works Writers Series,
Black Community Theater
(Toledo, OH)
North Carolina
Black Repertory Company
(Winston-Salem, NC)
Nubian Theatre Company (Memphis, TN)

Oakland Ensemble Theatre (Oakland, CA)
Opera Ebony (New York, NY)
Oui Be Negroes Chicago, IL
Our Theatre: the Forgotten, Inc. ( NY)

Pamoja Theatre Workshop (St. Louis, MO)
Paul Robeson Performing Arts (Syracuse, NY)
Penumbra Theatre Company (St. Paul, MN)
People's Creative Ensemble (Detroit, MI)
Performers Theatre Workshop (Livingston, NJ)
Philadelphia Dance Company (Philadelphia, PA)
Pin Points Theatre (Washington, DC)
Plowshares Theatre Company (Detroit, MI)
Pro Arts Collective (Austin, TX)
Progressive Center for Creativity (Lady's Island, SC)
Providence Black Repertory Company (RI)

Ripe and Ready Players (Chatanooga, TN)
Roger Furman Theatre (New York, NY)
ROOT WY'MN (Austin, TX)

Saint Louis Black Repertory Company
Salt & Pepper Mime/
New Ensemble Actors Theatre (New York, NY)
San Jose Minority Artists Guild (San Jose, CA)
Seattle Group Theatre (Seattle, WA)
Soul in Motion Players (Rockville, MD)
Soul Rep Theatre (Dallas, TX)
South Jersey Black Theatre Ensemble (Millville, NJ)
Southeast Community Theatre (San Diego, CA)
Stages (Lansing, MI)
Stormy Weather Productions (New York, NY)

TABS Center (Kalamazoo, MI)
Theatre North (Tulsa, OK)

Ujamaa Black Theatre (New York, NY)
Ujima Youtheatre (Omaha, NE)
Unity Theatre Ensemble (East St. Louis, MO)
Urban Bush Women (New York, NY)

Venture Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
Voices From the Gaps

Washington Productions, Inc. (Kalamazoo, MI)
Watts Repertory Company (Los Angeles, CA)
Winfield Production (New Orleans, LA)
Women of Color Women of Words

Black Theatre Organizations - U.S.

Black Storytellers Alliance
Black Theatre Network
NAACP Afro-Academic, Cultural,
Technological and Science Olympics (ACT-SO)

1999 National Black Theatre Festival
National Black Theatre Festival
1997 National Black Theatre Festival