World Wide Widow
Widow On the Run

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Robert Shapiro and Johnny Cochran Join Rudin Defense Team

Margaret Rudin has now managed to get the lawyers from OJ's dreamteam to join her defense.
..Pro Bono!

Top 10 Tip-Offs she's a Black Widow
10. Over the last few years, seems to have picked up some extra legs.
9. Latest book? "Cooking with Arsenic."
8. Becomes increasingly obsessed with her "hourglass" figure.
7. Was extremely anxious to get to the "'til death do you part" part of the wedding ceremony.
Your life is insured for $5,000,000 -- and you're a fry cook.
After birth, quickly decides to eat children.
4. Last husband's skin on a wire hanger in the closet.
3. During sex she asks if you'd like to try something a "little different"; begins stabbing you in the chest with an ice pick.
2. Keeps making jokes as to "how cool it would be" if you were dead.
1. Is a regular on America's Most Wanted.


Judge Joe confiscates Michael Amadore's GAMEBOY -- grumbling, "You can have it back at the end of the day."

13th Jury Question

What happened to those two hot blonde twin Gaurds?

Feature Article by Prosecutor Gary Guymon:

"The Merry Wives of Rudin"

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"Married to the Mob Theory"