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Over the Top
A flash step consisting of a leap over the foot:
1 1 Step R bk (diag. bk to R side)
and Toe tap L (XF of R)
2 Leap over L, landing on R
3 Step L  bk (diag. bk to L side)
and Toe tap R  (XF of L)
4 Leap over R, landing on L
Paddle Step Associated with the Soft Shoe, it is also known as a "paddle turn" as it's normally executed in a turn.
1 1 Step L (to L side)
and 2 Ball change R-L
and 3 Ball change R-L
and 4 Ball change R-L
   Double Paddle Turn:
1 1 Step L (to L side)
and a Flap R fwd
2 Step L
and a Flap R fwd
3 Step L
and a Flap R fwd
4 Step L
Patter A series of small steps executed very rapidly.
Pickup A hopping back brush step movement: With the weight on one foot, extend the other foot in the air, usually to the rear, executing a back brush with the supporting foot, landing on the ball of the same foot. (Two sounds).
Pickup Change: Same as a pickup but landing on the opposite foot. This movement is sometimes preceded by a Shuffle.
Double Pickup:
1 Brush R bk
and a Pickup change L to R
2 Step L
Double Pickup with Heel Drops:
a Brush R bk
1 a Pickup change L to R
and Step L
a Drop R heel
2 Drop L heel
Another movement sometimes referred to as a pick-up step:
8 Hop L
and a Shuffle R fwd
1 Hop L
Pull Usually refers to a sliding back on one or both feet.
Pullback Commonly known as a "Pickup" or "Double Pickup."
Railroad A chugging movement of the feet back and forth on the floor to produce the sound effect of a steam engine train.
Rattle Same as a Shuffle: A front brush followed by a back brush; may be executed to the front, side or back.
Rhythm Buck A modified form of buck dancing popular sometime around 1910 with complex rhythm patterns.
Riff A two-sound movement combining a forward brush and heel scuff on the same foot: Brush R ball fwd, Scuff R heel fwd (or the reverse). This is often followed by a heel drop on the opposite foot which totals 3 sounds. A Riff in itself, however, only contains the first two sounds described.
Riff Walks A walking movement employing riffs:
Three Tap Riff Walk:
a Tap R ball bk Riff
1 1 Dig R heel fwd
2 Drop R ball
a Tap L ball bk Riff
3 Dig L heel fwd
4 Drop L ball
Four Tap Riff Walk:
a Tap R ball bk Riff
1 1 Scuff R heel fwd
and Dig R heel fwd
2 Drop R ball
a Tap L ball bk Riff
3 Scuff L heel fwd
and Dig L heel fwd
4 Drop L ball
Five Tap Riff Walk:
a Tap R ball bk Riff
1 1 Scuff R heel fwd
and Dig R heel fwd
a Drop R ball
2 Drop R heel
a Tap L ball bk Riff
3 Scuff L heel fwd
and Dig L heel fwd
a Drop L ball
4 Drop L heel
Changeable Five Tap Riff Walk:
a Tap R ball bk Riff
1 1 Scuff R heel fwd
and Drop L heel
a Dig R heel fwd
2 Drop R ball
a Tap L ball bk Riff
3 Scuff L heel fwd
and Drop R heel
a Dig L heel fwd
4 Drop L ball
Riffle A tap combination of a riff and a back brush:
and Tap R ball bk
a Scuff R heel fwd
1 Brush R bk
Rubber Legs A form of movement usually associated with eccentric or comedy dancing wherein the legs are used in a loosely exaggerated fashion.
Scoot A combination of a hop and slide forward, similar to a Chug.
Scuff A heel movement executed in the same manner as a forward brush -- the back edge of the heel strikes the floor in a pendulum like movement.
Scuffle A tap movement of two sounds executed in the same manner and rhythmical pattern as Shuffles but accented differently: Scuff R heel fwd, Brush R ball bk.
Seven A traditional tap combination employing seven sounds; Shuffle Step, Shuffle Ball change.
Shading The subtle accenting of tap rhythms through tempo, tone and volume.
Shag A ballroom dance of the 1930's, consisting of a hopping movement on one foot and then the other: With the R ft extended in the air to the R side, swing the R ft into into the L ft, landing on the R ft and simultaneously swinging the L ft in the air to the left side, followed by a hop on the R ft. Repeat this movement on the opposite side.
Shim Sham or "Shim-Sham Shimmy" -- a tap routine done by vaudeville performers in the early 1900s.
Shuffle Step R, Shuffle Step L, Shuffle Ball change R-L, Shuffle Step R.  Repeat and Reverse.
Variation (known as a "Vaudeville Time Step"):
8 Heel tap R fwd
1 and 1 Brush step R bk
2 Heel tap L fwd
and 3 Brush step L bk
4 Heel tap R fwd
and 5 Brush step R bk
and Step L
6 Heel tap R fwd
and 7 Brush step R bk
Shuffle A forward brush followed by a back brush to the front, side or back, executed rapidly in a 16th note rhythm and counted "a 1".

Front Shuffle:
The basic "Shuffle" - with the feet in line with the hips and the toes directly forward, flex the R knee up in front of body -- lower the leg, striking the ball of the foot against the floor in a forward motion. At this point, the L or supporting leg is straight, wherein the R ft is straight and extended forward of the body. As you flex the R knee, strike the ball of the R ft on the floor in a backward motion. The shuffle should be executed slightly forward of the supporting foot. The free foot should always remain in front of the supporting leg by flexing the knee forward and up on the back brush.
Side Shuffle:
Extend the right foot to the R side, toes are in line and there is no turnout of the R ft.
Back Shuffle:
With the weight on the left foot and knee slightly bent, extend the R ft bk with the toe turned out. From this position, execute the shuffle on the side of the big toe.
Double Shuffle:
Two Back Shuffles ("8 and a 1").
Shuffle, Leap A forward shuffle on the free foot leaping forward to the same foot.
Shuffle, Step A shuffle with the free foot, followed by a step on same foot. (A "Three.")
Single One tap sound; such as a Step.
Single Travel Pivot alternately on heel and then ball of one foot, dragging the other foot to the side.
Six A tap combination containing six sounds. (Shuffle Step R fwd, Shuffle Step L fwd) Traditionally, a Six is followed by a Seven (Shuffle Step, Shuffle Ball change).
Skid Same as a Chug.
Slam A flat tap involving no weight - leg is straight and the movement is exaggerated.
Slap Same as a Flap, but may refer to the following: A Brush R fwd, Tap R fwd (no wt).
Slide A pushing of the free foot forward or in any desired direction with or without weight -- similar to the Draw or Flea Hop).
Slip A slide forward.
Soft Shoe A graceful dance -- sometimes performed with sand on the floor -- associated with the Essence.
Spank Same as a Back Brush.
Spread Eagle Similar to a Graboff:  Shuffle Leap R, BackFlap L.

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